Anthony Bourdain, talking to me?

Tricia Homis, a new co-worker and foodie friend recently blew me away with a video she had taken in Menlo Park, CA at the recent Anthony Bourdain book signing tour/dinner.

Yep, that’s the man himself, telling me that Austin “is actually cool.” I had a rough time leaving California to return to what I thought was a culinary wasteland of chicken fried steak and chain restaurants not to mention leaving all of the friends I had made over 6+ years. I mean, aside from New York, California is where it’s at when it comes to food. But I’m coming to realize that Austin is like a little slice of California in Texas

Mr. Bourdain seems to think so as well.

So to say I was gob smacked would be an understatement. I have all of Mr. Bourdain’s books, I bought DVDs of his show, I even managed to snag a limited edition DVD they only send to folks who are voting for the Emmys. I moved from Alton to Bourdain, and never looked back. Don’t get me wrong, I brine my turkey ever Thanksgiving following Mr. Brown’s instructions–and yes I know that McGee is all about salting–but Bourdain is my guy now.

After thanking her over and over–and I’m still doing it now–she managed to tell me a bit about the night.

“I’m so happy you liked it! Monsieur Bourdain was quite affable. If you get a chance to see him, I highly recommend it. I also asked him a question–part of the dinner was a Q&A session. Most people asked him about organics and sustainable farming and blah blah blah… He also took one lady to task about availability of organics and sustainable farmed items when you’re poor and black, and that was cool, actually.

I asked him if he was stuck on a desert island with Rachel Ray, which five CDs would he have with him and what song would he listen to while he was beating her with her own leg?

He said:

1.) Dead Boys – Young Loud & Snotty

2.) The Ramones – Rocket to Russia

3.) The Clash – London Calling

4.) Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed

5.) The Stooges – Fun House

He also said he would be eating “fruity pebbles out of her empty fucking skull” before the music even started, thereby doing her a favor.”

After the dinner Tricia gathered her courage and asked him to recorded a quick message for me about Austin.

Tricia, if you’re reading this: I’ll never be able to thank you enough. But I’m sure as hell going to try.