Deep-Fried Lamb’s Brains

Before I continue my lamb brain tour, I’d like to again thank John Dossal, the manager of Zituna for being so accommodating.

Zituna is located at 970 N. Coit #3025 (SE corner of Coit & Arapaho) in Richardson, TX. Their phone number is 972-470-0101. Special thanks again go out to Sharon Peters for finding Zituna for me.

Now, back to the brains.

Before I started working on the brains recipes, I noticed that three of the four called on me lightly poaching them. So when I brought the brains home, I promptly poached all of them for use. The entire process was detailed in my last update.

A simple seasoned flour mixture, eggs and milk, and breadcrumbs were needed to coat the outside of the lobes. The process is pretty familiar to anyone that has breaded chicken.

It’s tough to tell that those are brains under the breading, isn’t it?

After a quick dip in hot peanut oil, the lamb brains came out gold brown and, quite frankly, delicious with just a smidgen of green sauce. My wife and I agreed that this was a preferred preparation method over slicing the brains and placing them on toast. Then again, I can’t think of an instance where frying something didn’t make it better. The subtle flavor of the brains was more pronounced; they tasted slightly like sweetbreads, but richer and more delicate. I could very happily eat this dish every week if the brains were easier to procure.

One down, one hundred and eighteen to go.

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  1. You couldn’t be more right. 🙂 I’ve got a friend that is determined to have deep fried lamb brains when he flies out at the end of the month.

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