South By Southwest – The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging


South By Southwest–or SXSW–is a huge festival/convention in Austin, Texas based around music, movies and technology with lots of interviews and panels with famous people.   I had only one panel I wanted to attend and it was the “Secrets of Successful Food Blogging” panel.  I’m still rather unsure of myself and various aspects of writing a food blog, so I showed up with open ears and an open mind.

Panelists were Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch), Cathy Erway (Not Eating Out in New York), Kalyn Denny (Kalyn’s Kitchen) and Addie Broyles (Relish Austin)—moderated—very well might I add—by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cupcakes Take the Cake).

The panelists talked about lots of interesting topics such as how they got into food blogging, different methods of posting, ads and whether or not Twitter is a good thing.  Maybe I should sign up for a Twitter  account!

Anyhow, I recorded the entire conversation on my iPhone and converted it into a mp3.  You can download it at the link below.  The audio level might be a little low, fair warning.

SXSW – The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging mp3 (42 MB)

Special thanks to Harmony and Brent for getting me a day pass!

9 thoughts on “South By Southwest – The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging

  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for recording and making this available. I’ll be listening on my drive home. I share your “unsure” attitude. We have very good traffic but little participation from readers. Looking for pointers and the highlights that I have read from this panel suggest I might get inspired.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing for those of us that couldn’t be there!
    Steve from

  2. Thanks for posting this, Ryan. Just DLed and added it to my iPod for listening on my commute. Will be interesting to see how it matches up to the tweets I read about the panel.

  3. It was great being there in person, but I was afraid that I’d forget various profound nuggets of info. I made sure to get a seat nice and close to a speaker. I’m just happy that the panelists allowed me to share this with everyone.

    Adam, thank you so much for the link from Serious Eats. SE is the first RSS feed I hit in the morning. It’s an honor!

  4. Happy to help, Alex. Congrats on the interview over at Look and Taste!

    Oh, and that heart looked wonderful!

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