Ask Fergus Henderson a question!

Last week I sent a small note to the Office Manager of St. John, asking if I could pretty, pretty please submit a few interview questions to Mr. Henderson and the person behind SJRestaurant on Twitter.

Guess what?


That’s right, I’m going to be able to ask the world famous Fergus Henderson questions, and I’m letting everyone have a shot as well.  I intend on sending ten questions total; five questions will come from me, but five will be selected from questions submitted to this post.  So if you’ve ever wondered anything about Mr. Henderson’s food or drink preferences, or why things happen a certain way at St. John here’s your chance!  Just post your query and cross your fingers.  Next Monday I’ll announce the selected questions, so submit yours now!  You might want to make sure that the question you have in mind hasn’t been asked before though.

7 thoughts on “Ask Fergus Henderson a question!

  1. I love your food, Fergus, but for two things: You seem to skip deep browning or crispiness when it could easily be added to a dish, and a lot of your finished plates (at least as far as your cookbooks go) look, well, beige. You got a thing against color and crisp? Or am I missing something and there is a reasoning behind it?

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  4. They said yes…..oh ye of litttle faith…they said yeehess
    I need to ponder a question fitting for FH but have one now for hank
    How does beige and colour look in a black and white book ?

  5. LOL…I second Hank’s question! There are no pictures in the book, but it is obvious as we’ve seen so many times on Ryan’s awesome blog that most recipes do not end up very “colorful”.

  6. I know that you have Parkinson’s, but have had the DBS to control the symptoms, but will you ever go back into the kitchen at some point in your life? Also, what is your real take on Gordon Ramsay?

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