Items of interest from around the ‘Net

I just got done making an eight course dinner for the very kind people who managed to score me a day pass to SXSW a little ways back.  I’ll be updating tomorrow with a completed recipe (salted cod, finally) but for now here are a few links to some very cool things I’ve found on the net recently.

Have you been to The Hungry Engineer yet?  If not, here’s a link for you.

The very cool Melissa P. from Melissa Cooks Gourmet just posted about making tripe in the roman style.

Take a look at this!


That’s gotta be some tasty tripe!

Mr. Shaw over at the awe inspiring Hunter Angler Gardner Cook just posted about some Coppa di testa he made from a wild boar nicknamed Maximus.  Just like everything Mr. Shaw posts, it’s an amazing read, and to sweeten the deal he also posted a link to a very cool blog called Figments written by the chef of a restaurant out in San Francisco called Woodward’s Garden.  I’ve GOT to visit this restaurant the next time I fly out there.

Are you on Twitter?  If so, are you following @SJRestaurant?  If you’re a fan of Mr. Henderson or St. John in the very least, you’ve got to read their updates!

I’ve had an idea for a very cool t-shirt, and I think I’m going to try and get it made. It’ll be the haute couture of ’09 for sure!