Playing with my two birthday gifts a little early

Sovre Barriga

New pressure cooker + new lights for food photography = Sobre Barriga.

I think this turned out pretty well.

6 thoughts on “Playing with my two birthday gifts a little early

  1. Hiya Camille! I picked up the apples to make your tart for my additional birthday cake (My parents brought me a nice one). Thanks again for posting that recipe. To answer you and Rex, I ended up getting two Lowel EGO lights thanks to this post over at Steamy Kitchen. Go take a look, she presents a great post detailing the difference they make over other methods. Holly Heyser (the very talented photographer for Hank Shaw’s website) impressed upon me the value of good lighting for food photography, and I headed her advice. I’m very glad I did.

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan, What pressure cooker did you get? I got the Kuhn-Rikon (7Qt one from Amazon) for a christmas present this year and I cannot believe I waited this long to try one out. It is a fantastic tool. I am planning on making a couple of stocks with it asap to see how they come out (veal, chicken and a pho one).

    I apologize for bringing this up, but I cannot help it. I love this Colombian dish and my Colombian mother-in-law makes a very good rendition and my wife orders it everytime we are out at a local Colombian restaurant. However, it is called “Sobre Barriga” NOT “Sovre”. Sovre is not a Spanish word as far as I can tell. I know that’s what the Allrecipes site calles it but it is wrong. Almost as bad as calling the country of Colombia, Columbia :-).

  3. Ack! Thanks for the heads up E.Nassar! I fixed the spelling across the board. I hate making mistakes like that, I should have done a little more research before posting.

    The pressure cooker I picked up is the Cuisinart CPC-600 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric model, which is a blast to use. I’m gonna be making tripe dishes in no time now!

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