I’ve had something lucrative drop in my lap

… and that’s why I’ve been so darn quiet.  This weekend I plan on writing about the 24 hour marathon-in three parts-but right now this new thing has eaten up all of my time.  I’ll go into more details later on, but here are something excellent to check out if you’ve got a hankering for offal goodness.

Joshua over at Joshua Does French made Anthony Bourdain’s “tripe les halles”.  In the cookbook, Bourdain promises the reader that if they go through the trials and tribulations of finding the ingredients-which include pig ears, blood sausage and two different kinds of tripe-and then feeding the dish to a group full of friends with pictures for proof; the man himself will send you a letter chock-full of praise and adulation.

This picture really sets it up.

Give his write-up of this famous Bourdain dare a read!