A Quick Update

Wow. It’s definitely been a very interesting 48 hours.

First off, I’d like to thank the multitude of people who have reached out to me with well-wishes and support. Your kindness is indicative of the people I know this great country houses.

I contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department today, and explained the situation. Everyone I dealt with was very understanding and polite. I respect the important work that they do for all Texans, and do not begrudge them at all for carrying out said job.

This whole mess is being chalked up as a learning moment, and I’ll ensure that going forward any wild game that comes into my possession will be done in accordance with the law. As a matter of fact I still need to cook a woodcock, and there is lots of time for me to attend a hunters safety course before the season starts. I’m pretty sure they are not native to my area, so don’t expect any “woodcock flew into my house” stories in the upcoming months.

And that–hopefully–is that.