Still dealing with dove fallout

I’d hoped to have gotten a real post up by now, but every time I check my mail there are two or three interview requests. At some point I’ll gather a list of them all to share. Heck, I’ll be on the Jay Thomas radio show on Sirius and XM Satellite radio today at 5pm ET if you feel like tuning in.

Seriously, who knew one little dove could start such brouhaha?

7 thoughts on “Still dealing with dove fallout

  1. I know I am a bit “late” to the party (that’s what I get for not checking your blog in a couple of weeks), but I had to comment about this. The TPWD in this case are absolute ass clowns who are accomplishing nothing but harassing a decent tax- paying citizen! Seriously, talk about following the letter of the law as opposed to the spirit of the law. I applaud you for what you did Ryan. Afterall the damn bird basically flew into your pan.
    On another note, I am leaving in about thirty minutes to see if I can shoot some doves. I’m doing that legally btw, on Public Hunting Land and I do have a license and an APH permit (in case Mr. Warden is reading 🙂 )

    • The whole story was made to look like they were actually considering charging me, but nothing of the sort happened. To this day, they still haven’t contacted me. I ended up calling them to make sure I was in the clear, which they confirmed.

      Best of luck with the hunt!

  2. I found your site while looking for lung recipes. I was going to tell you that you should contact a hunter in your area to get some lungs. We usually leave all of the entrails in the field when we gut the animal, so it would be easy for any hunter to get your deer lungs.
    Then I found your dove saga, so I guess you’re gonna be hunting yourself in the future.
    I get a bear every year and at least one deer here in California so I look for interesting recipes to use all of them.

    Good luck

    • Jon, thanks for the idea. I can’t wait to bag my first deer. I’ll have so much viscera to work with!

  3. Came across your site while browsing for pork recipes using the lesser known/appreciated parts. As a pork farmer, I end up with a lot of them and am happy to have found this blog. I’d like to solve your mystery regarding the lack of blood from your dove. It coagulated as the bird was not bled out immediately upon death and likely had some effect on the quality or flavor of your meat.

    • If the coagulated blood had any effect on the meat flavor, it had to be very minor. Despite all the insanity it caused, that dove was fantastic!

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