The very last of the dove insanity

Last post about the game bird, I promise.

First up is this interview I did with Elizabeth Trovall of NPR’s State Impact.  She put together a fantastic overview of exactly what happened and I appreciated getting all of the facts out there.

Next, I did an interview with a fellow Austin food blogger who goes by the name RL Reeves Jr over at  That man makes one hell of a gumbo, too.

Finally, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department asked me to be part of a PSA-like short that explains which law I unknowingly broke and why that law is in place.  It also has my friend Cecilia Nasti talking about the wonder of local, sustainable meat.  I’ve only sort of watched it—mostly because I don’t care much for how I look—but a lot of other people say it’s very well done.

Next week, a real update.  No, really.

4 thoughts on “The very last of the dove insanity

  1. Guess what Ryan??? You are back on public television locally in San Antonio with the ‘dove flew into my window so I cooked it” tale….Story still entertaining for everyone but the dove I guess! Love you and your work!

  2. LOL I just saw this for the first time Ryan. That whole story is awesomely funny since it turned out okay for you. Now it would be a different story if you had a huge fine or was temporarily locked up!

    I did this with a turkey one time. It ran out in front of my four wheeler and I ran over it sadly. He was promptly field dressed and finished the four wheeler riding trip tied to the back of the four wheeler in a Walmart sack that had my lunch in it.

    Everyone I know that hits a deer always brings that animal home to dress, doing so otherwise would be more wasteful than anything that crosses my mind right now. Not like it was intentionally slaughtered, and letting that life go to complete waste is depressing

    Good for you though, I need to try dove soon. The only wild birds I’ve had was pheasant once and turkey a few times, and both were dry as a bone since people seem to cook it to death. Wish I could get ahold of some wild bird though myself and try my hand at getting something juicy to come out!

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