I am very impressed by your endeavor to cook everything from my book, good luck and I wish you a larky appetite. – Fergus Henderson

This website is wholly inspired by Carol Blymire’s absolutely stunning food blog, “French Laundry at Home“. After months of reading about Carol tackling quite possibly the ultimate cook book, I found myself awestruck, and angry for being so lazy. I professed to love cooking, love food, but what did I have to show for it? Some very nice knives, a plethora of cookbooks and a slightly used KitchenAid mixer.

In an effort to grow my culinary prowess, every week I will try to cook a recipe from the critically acclaimed St. John‘s cookbook, “The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating“.

Why that cookbook? Doesn’t it use all the gross animal parts like the brain?!
I first heard of Fergus Henderson on Anthony Bourdain’s show “A Cook’s Tour“, and then again later from Micheal Rhulman’s blog. Why did he use the nasty bits and not the prized cuts of the animal? Why were chefs I held in such high regard falling all over themselves to lavish praise on him? I had to know more, so I ordered the paperback version of his cookbook. In the forward, Bourdain lays it out there:

“Nearly anyone–after a few tries–can grill a fillet mignon or a sirloin steak. A trained chimp can steam a lobster. But it takes love, and time, and respect for one’s ingredients to properly deal with a pig’s ear or a kidney.”

I want to stretch my culinary boundaries as much as possible, and I can’t think of a better way to do it.

I will not post the recipes from the Nose to Tail cookbook. If you see something that you really like feel free to buy a copy here. I promise, it’s worth it. I’d like to also point out that my grammar will be horrendous at times. I’ll pre-apologize for it now.

I do have one ad at the top of my website.  All proceeds will be donated to Parkinson’s Appeal, a foundation that helped fund an operation for Mr. Henderson.