• St. John
    The alpha and the omega. Without Fergus Henderson’s restaurant the world would be a much sadder place, and this site wouldn’t exit.
  • CHOW
    This website has it all: recipies, how-to videos, an active community and more. You’ve gotta check it out.
  • French Laundry at Home
    The muse for this website. Carol will always have my respect and admiration.
  • Michael Ruhlman’s Blog
    Quite bluntly, I consider Mr. Ruhlman to be one of the greatest food writers of our time. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of people his words have influenced and inspired.
  • Offal Good
    If you happened to catch Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef” TV show, you know this man loves his offal. If you missed it, click the link and meet chef Chris Cosentino!
  • A Hunger Artist
    Bob del Grosso had a short stint writing on Micheal Rhulman’s blog a little while back. I found him entertaining then, just like I find him entertaining now. Find his salsa di pomodoro recipe and never use the canned junk again!
  • Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
    Hank is the real deal in every aspect: He hunts, he fishes, he grows, he cooks. On top of that, he also talks extensively and knowledgeably about wine. A daily stop for me.
  • Andrew Zimmern
    He’ll eat stuff that would give me pause, but he won’t eat Durian.
  • Alinea at Home
    Carol’s new website!  She’s unstoppable!